Kindergarten Shape Study Part 2: Kandinsky

Kindergarten Shape Study Kandinsky

I posted last week about our shape study we have been working through for math. I extended the lessons to art with a quick artist study of Wassily Kandinsky, especially his work “Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles.”

We started the lesson by watching this video and talking about the various shapes and line widths he used.

Then we watched this video:

I fast forwarded and paused the video as we watched so we could talk about the paintings. This video was great because it showed the progression from more realistic works to the very abstract. We identified the objects and shapes in the realistic and abstract works.

After we watched (most) of the video, I showed the bigs a picture of Kandinsky’s work “Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles.”


I had watched a lesson plan video earlier and decided, in keeping with my homeschooling on a dollar store budget, that we would use wet chalk instead of oil pastels. I folded a piece of black construction paper into quarters. This resulted in rectangles instead of squares, but you could easily trim a piece of paper down before you folded it.

We went outside for art because the littles woke from nap before we started and I didn’t want chalk all over the house. I kept a picture of Kandinsky’s work up on the laptop as a reference. I showed them how to wet their chalk before using it to achieve a deeper color.

2014-09-19 16.28.55

After we filled in two sections, I showed the boys how to blend colors to make new colors.

Judah's artwork

Judah’s artwork

Malachi's artwork

Malachi’s artwork

My artwork :)

My artwork 🙂

There were so many “lessons” in this simple activity: types of art, shapes, colors, color mixing, art mediums, textures, and on and on.


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