Hi! I’m Pam homeschooling stay at home Mom of four.


Malachi (6) and Judah (4) are my “bigs” and we are currently homeschooling kindergarten with both of them. Eden (2) and Asher (2) are my “littles” and just as busy as can be.



My husband Cliff is a pastor and we live in the bea-yoouu-tiful San Bernardino mountains in Southern California.

Join me as I blog about my family’s journey of “homeschooling on a dollar store budget” and our ministry.


Learn more about what the 5 Solae Academy is here.

Find our homeschooling vision statement here.

How do I plan to survive homeschooling with four kids under 7 (including 2 year old twins)? Jesus & chocolate!


3 thoughts on “About

      • Hmmm…. Well, my bigs went to Christian school for K, and I didn’t actually begin homeschooling until my twinnies were 3. However, something we did that was really helpful was put away almost all of the toys. We put them in bins– a cars & trucks bin, a kitchen and food bin, a tea party bin, a blocks bin, etc. Then I would get out a different bin each morning when it was time for my bigs to really concentrate on something and work with me alone. The twins hadn’t seen the toys since I had gotten them out the week before, so they weren’t bored with them. Also, this may not be something your family does, but I let mine watch a sight words video when I really needed a good 1/2 hour. “Meet the Sight Words” or the Leapfrog letters videos were great. One of my twins could read all of the sight at 3 just from the videos! 😉 I also like your Jesus and chocolate plan! 🙂


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